Jeremy Gignoux is ever oscillating between calling himself a violinist or a fiddler. Playing in between those lines, in many different styles (jazz, bluegrass, classical, Eastern European folk, North American folk, improvisation, etc.), he has developed an original sound and technique.

Originally from France, he immigrated to Canada in the 2010’s and is currently based in Calgary, Alberta. He has been part of two Decidedly Jazz Danceworks productions (New Universe, 2016 with William Parker and Juliet and Romeo, 2017 with Nick Fraser), both directed by Kimberley Cooper. Further developing his relationship with dance, he was part of Catherine Hayward’s piece form, act, cease, ensue in July 2017 (with Dancers’ Studio West), where he played music as he moved in between and around the dancers.

His personal project the Acoustic Ensemble, which pushes the boundaries of Parisian Swing, can be spotted in Calgary’s trendiest cafés.

Other projects he was (or is) a part of: Ewan Macintyre, Liquor Mountain, Godfrey&Tod, Les Poissons Voyageurs, L’Orchestre P’tits Gants, Shnock&Shanti, Snow Cowboy, Lindex, Bow River Buddies