Upcoming gigs

June 30: With Ensemble at Frog Fest

July 29: With Carolina Slim at Folk Fest (under the name of Jeremy Geneioux)

October 3, 12pm: With Ensemble at Cathedral Church of the Redeemer (Pro Arts Music Series)

Notable past gigs/projects:


June 3: With Alex Ginella at Lilac Fest

June 2: Benjamin Longman EP release

April 29: Jazz Brunch at Cornerstone Music Cafe for International Jazz Day

April 21: Square Dance at Arts Commons

March 9: With Carolina Slim at Lolita’s

March 3/4: Maple Fest with Francofun

March 4: Opening for Ewan Macintyre Band at the Ironwood

January 4th: Alex Ginella’s EP release at the Ironwood


December 29th: With my Ensemble at Cafe Koi (7-9pm)

November 18th: With my Ensemble at Café Gravity

October 21st: With my Ensemble at the Alberta Wilderness Association

July 21st-23rd: Metamorphosis with Catherine Hayward and Dancers Studio West

June 16th: Cafe Gravity with my Ensemble (feat. Nathan M. Godfrey and Matt Coldwell)

April 28-29: Shows with Ewan McIntyre Band

March 4-5: Maple Fest at Heritage Park

February 15th: With my Ensemble at Cafe Koi

January 18-28: DJD production of Juliet and Romeo, Artistic Direction & Choreography by Kimberley Cooper, Rewritten and narrated by Cory Bowles, with the Nick Fraser Ensemble


August 22nd-23rd: Recording with People Who Decided To Chill Out

July 1st – August 20th: Western Canada Tour with Ewan Macintyre

July 9th: Ship and Anchor with Tomi Fukuyama and National Music Centre with Liquor Mountain

May 27th – June 12th: New Universe, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks production, directed by Kim Cooper, with William Parker

April 27th: Wine-Ohs with Acoustic Ping-Pong (Eastern European Music)


Fall: Recording for The Handle

2013-2015: Les Poissons Voyageurs/L’Orchestre P’tits Gants in Montreal